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Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is back with end of season 4. Season 1 and Season 2 were hosted by legendary actor Mohanlal. Now, with the vote in season 1 and the vote online 2020, eviction today, contestants season 2 is available for public voting.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Sobha Contestant Sobha Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Shiju Contestant Shiju Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Nadira Contestant Nadira Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Junaiz Contestant Junaiz Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for cerena Contestant cerena Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Akhil Contestant Akhil Selected


Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote  for Reneesha Contestant Reneesha Selected


Contestant  Selected

Your Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote will be stored until the Colors tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is the Malayalam-language version of the Bigg Boss Indian Reality TV series. It follows the Big Brother Tv show in the Netherlands. The first season was premiered in Asianet on 24 June 2018 with Mohanlal as host.

Bigg Boss season 2 vote mohanlal
Season 5 Bigg Boss vote mohanlal

Bigg Boss is one of India’s most popular reality television shows and is launching in all regional languages. It will now be released in the Malayalam language after the flash hit in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. In Asianet TV channel, Bigg Boss Malayalam is going to air.

Finally, Bigg Boss Malayalam’s movie picture has been released by the Malayalam Super Star Mohanlal and he will host the show as Bigg Boss Tamil Kamal Hassan host it for the second time all season.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 5 to be shown on Star Network’s owned Asianet TV. From January to April 2020, the series will take place for 108 days. See below for more detail about Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting Online, Missed Call Numbers, Contestants List, Age, Performance, Eviction and Winner, Bigg Boss Voting result, Bigg boss Malayalam Result, Bigg Boss malayalam Vote result.

The series is being screened on Asianet network and is also available on Hotstar.[4] Several new features called’ Unseen,” Spicy episodes’ and’ Bigg Boss Plus’ were added on Hotstar as unseen and extra videos. Bigg Boss Plus is broadcast on Asianet Plus, showing part of the day not included on the season, from’ keep waking-up call’ to’ light out.’

The Malayalam bigg boss house is located in Chennai’s EVP Film City, where on Day-1 17 Housemates entered. The season winner will receive a cash prize of approximately 1 crore together with a trophy. The series will air on Monday to Sundays 9.30 p.m. IST and at 9 p.m. IST.

Bigg Boss Vote Timings:

Show Name : Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote
Host : Actor Mohanlal
Season : 5
Language : Malayalam
Channel : Asianet
Timings : 9.30 Pm – 11 Pm

Location : Chennai’s EVP Film City
Release Date : 5th Jan 2020
Prize Money : 1 crore
Directed by : Hafiz Shamsudheen
Production company : Endemol India

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants

The series is followed by a total of 17 contestants separated from the outside world in a custom-built house for 108 days . One or more housemates are removed by a public vote each week using malayalam online vote.

Bigg Boss Vote Alasandra JohnsonModel
Bigg Boss Vote Alina PadikkalActress, Television presenter
Bigg Boss Vote Arya RohitActress, Television presenter
Bigg Boss Vote Manju Sunichan Actress
Bigg Boss Vote Krishnajeev / FukruInternet celebrity
Bigg Boss Vote Manju SunichenActress
Bigg Boss Vote Pareekutty PerumbavoorActor, Singer
Bigg Boss Vote Pradeep ChandranActor
Bigg Boss Vote Raghu SubhashRadio Jockey
Bigg Boss Vote Rajini ChandyActress
Bigg Boss Vote Rajith KumarPublic speaker
Bigg Boss Vote Reshma RajModel
Bigg Boss Vote Saju NavodayaActor, comedian
Bigg Boss Vote SomadasSinger
Bigg Boss Vote Sujo MathewModel
Bigg Boss Vote Suresh KrishnanFilm director
Bigg Boss Vote Thesni KhanActress, comedienne
Bigg Boss Vote Veena NairActress, Television presenter
Bigg Boss Vote Rj SoorajRadio Jockey
Bigg Boss Vote Jazla Madasseri Activist
Bigg Boss Vote Daya Aswathy
bigg boss malayalam season 2 contestants
Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestants

How to Vote Malayalam Bigg Boss – Season 5

  1. Google Search “Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote” or “Bigg Boss Malayalam Online voting“.
  2. Search result will show nominated Malayalam vote contestants.
  3. Sign in and proceed to step 1 of your gmail account if not signed in.
  4. Choose the contestant to vote and save from eviction .
  5. Vote him / her and submit your vote.

How to vote through Hotstar App

1.Using your Mobile Number or Email ID open Hotstar App. Tap page Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 banner.
2.Malayalam Page will appear and the ‘Vote’ button below the banner will appear
3.You will be able to see nominated contestants after clicking on the Vote button. Choose the contestant and vote.
4. Each person can vote and poll 50 votes per day using email or mobile number.
5. You can vote 50 times a day via Hotstar or online voting and 10 votes per day per smartphone. For mobile numbers, see below.

Bigg Boss Hotstar Steps to vote season 3 Malayalam
Bigg Boss Hotstar Steps to vote season 5 Malayalam

How to save your favorite contestant from elimination of Bigg boss Online voting

The viewers had the opportunity to cast their vote on Google’s website in season 5 and 1 of the Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam , but this time the channel removed the option. The viewers can now only cast their vote on the Hotstar app or by skipping the message. Below are the Missed Call numbers for the contestant to be saved from elimination.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Elimination & Nominations (Season 5)

Below, will give you another exclusive list of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Elimination and Weekly Nominations. So, take a closer look at the list to find out about the weekly Eviction & Nominations!!

WeeksHouse CaptainElimination/Eviction
Week 1Updated SoonNo Elimination
Week 2Updated SoonRajini Chandy
Week 3Updated SoonSuresh Krishnan & Parekutty
Week 4Updated SoonThesni khan
Week 5Updated SoonN/A
Week 6Updated SoonN/A
Week 7Updated SoonN/A
Week 8Updated SoonN/A
Week 9Updated SoonN/A
Week 10Updated SoonN/A
Week 11Updated SoonN/A
Week 12Updated SoonN/A
Week 13Updated SoonN/A
Week 14Updated SoonN/A
Week 15Updated SoonN/A

Preview of Malayalam Bigg Boss 3 Show:

Bigg Boss malaylam’s description of the game show is that a number of contestants will also be named buddies who will be sent to a well-furnished house and will have to stay inside for a number of days (108 days).This tv show also shows his interest, his friendship, the struggle between the contestants, their anger, their love and the many emotional things that have happened in the buildings.

Bigg Boss Malayalam vote cover images
Bigg Boss Malayalam vote

One of the contestants was eliminated from the program viewers on each week of the Bigg Boss malayalam reality show through the nomination process and voting system with the inside housemates.For that week, the Bigg Boss malayalam Vote housewife who earns the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss Voting Online hotstar process will be dropped.

The very last 2 contestants who left over most of the elimination process will be revealed as the winner (the one who gets the most votes in the malayalam Bigg Boss Vote) and will be named as the runner-up tv show.

Bigg Boss Elimination Process Each Week

This Week nominated, eliminated for bigg boss Malayalam voting season 5 are

Let’s pick entrant 1, entrant 2, entrant 3, entrant 4 in the elimination phase of this week. contestant 3 gets low votes and all other entrant get more votes than contestant 3 implies, then contestant 3 gets eliminated with low votes.

The eliminated contestants can no longer stay inside the house. With their luggage they’re going to be sent out.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Contestants to vote

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner – Season 1

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting season 1 and season 2 was a massive hit because it was a fresh and new series for the Malayalam viewers.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 1 Winner – Sabu
Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is – Pearle

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1  winner Sabumon
Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 winner Sabumon
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3 years ago

Pashanam shaji, fukru, evar mosamay dr rajith sirnod samsarichathin map parayppikanam…. e show thudagiyapl thott dr. Rajith sirnod eallarum mosamay samsarichapl ath avark thettallarunnu.. eannal pavan dr evar avarod samsarikumbl athokke thett.. avare mathram onnum parayan pattilla.. bakki eallavarkkum nth thonniyathum parayam….. Lalettan kurachu koodi strong aakanam… arya manju veena evare adichu purathakkanam… lalettante fan ayathukondanu e show kuthi pidichirunn kanunnath…. arya punyalathi kalikua. Lalettan varumbl parayanam dr rajithinod manyamay samsarikanamenn… plz its my rqst… manju veena arya fukru jasla evarude virthiketta kali avasanippikanamenn parayanam.. kanunnavare pottanakkunna parupdiya.. jaslayekondum mapp parayppikanam… verum chantha sobavama manju veena arya fukru jasla evarudeth…… Read more »

3 years ago

Manju and geena should be evicted as they dont know how to play and respect the elder person….Dr Rajith and pagan are the best players in the house….the will win the final….everyone in the house is teaming on them both only…!

3 years ago

Veena and Manju are not deserved to stay. They are standing only to support Fukru, Pashanam or Aarya. I think they are not contestants and so remove them and bring competitors here. Aarya is only a good anchor but a big cunning one, when she say Dr Rajith is valued only for 10 paisa its clearly showing discrimination. Now to the public Aarya is value less even for 5 paisa. Its like Veena, Aarya, manju and Paashanam teams are working working like goons to ensure anyone support Dr Rajith is isolated. For them they can tell anything to Dr Rajith… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Kiran

how about sijo!!. IF you mentioning Fukru you should mention Sijo for his non sense behaviour !!

Pushpa NAIR
Pushpa NAIR
3 years ago

വീണ ഒഴികെ ബാക്കി എല്ലാരും ചേർന്ന് dr. രജിത്തിന് ഒറ്റ പെടുത്തുന്നു

G Vijaya Kumar
G Vijaya Kumar
3 years ago
Reply to  Pushpa NAIR

Veena is not at all fit for this great show. She should be eliminated at the earliest.

3 years ago

I like rejith sir

3 years ago

Rejith sirne ottakkum samsarikkan sammathikkill mattullar sir ne ottakke engilum samsarikkadayo mattullavar parayunnar enthellam anu sir ne parayunnath he is very innocent sir num oru manasille. Sir ne nalla manasayathukondu sir areyum onnum parayunnilla

3 years ago

Evideyanu hot staril rejith sir kanunniilla

3 years ago

Ennathe thil njan nokkiyapppol rejith sir ne kanunnilla manapporvam sirne kanikkathathano vote cheyathitikkan arengilum undo ethil prathikarikkan

sheja Antony
sheja Antony
3 years ago

Good game by arya, Shaji, veena, Raghu all…. All the best fukru… Don’t fight with Dr.Rajith Kumar… He sometimes speaks unwanted…to get attention from the audience…only for his own benefit.

Ajimol john
Ajimol john
3 years ago

Please stop torturing rejith sir, its unbearable, its a psychological torturing, who is the bigg boss , why dont you question arya and pakru monkey, they r the one who did all physical hurting and torturing to rejith sir, how can bigg boss the idiot keep quitw and showing favour to arya and gundas. Me and my kids watch this show every day. I said no today to my kids as it start make them xry, its like clarifying jesus. Please bigboss if u r a human tell them off. My eys are still tearful even after 2 hours.

3 years ago

ബിഗ് ബോസ് നീതി കാണിക്കുക രഞ്ജിത് സാറിനോട് നീതി കാണിക്കുക

3 years ago

Veena is number one fake lady, telling all lies, she didn’t say any true in her life, pls bigboss consider my comment

3 years ago

Arem kurich oru wrngcmnt parayan ala njn arahikunnath bigboss. Alinayum aryaym english samsarikunnath ozhivakam niyamam tettikuanalo ath. Plz accpt my wrds for laletan & bigboss

3 years ago

It wasn’t fair to evict veena nair!!!! She was one of the good player compare to others!!!..

Anju Ann Jacob
Anju Ann Jacob
3 years ago

Rajith Sir തിരിച്ചു വരണമ്മ്മ്…. നാളെ ഒരു പക്ഷെ Reshma aanu Out എങ്കിൽ, ഉറപ്പ് aayum രജിത സർ തിരിച്ചു varattee… പിന്നേ ആരുടെയും സമ്മതത്തിന് കാത്തിരിക്കണ്ടല്ലോ…. Reqesting… Laleetan, N Big Boss Teamm…. Plsss Let Rejith Sir Come back…..

G Vijaya Kumar
G Vijaya Kumar
3 years ago

The one and only earnest request from all of us (my family) is : EVICT RESHMA RAJAN at the earliest opportunity and allow DR RAJITH to enter the Bigg Boss House through a ‘Wild Card Entry’! If not, we have decided to stop watching this Program any more! Dr Rajith eviction is a big set back for this show, particularly when he explained the unfortunate incident and apologized to all concerned, Reshma! As such, she doesn’t deserve for a slot in this Bigg House. PLEASE SEND HER HOME AT THE EARLIEST SINCE WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE RESHMA ANYMORE… Read more »

G Vijaya Kumar
G Vijaya Kumar
3 years ago

The one and only earnest request from all of us (my family) is : EVICT RESHMA RAJAN at the earliest opportunity and allow DR RAJITH to enter the Bigg Boss House through a ‘Wild Card Entry’! If not, we have decided to stop watching this Program any more!

G Vijaya Kumar
G Vijaya Kumar
3 years ago


Dhanesh chandran
3 years ago

Big boss…. Reshma yude cheap shining kurachuuu koodi poyi, Mr. Rajith ayaljde age consider cheyam Ayirinnuu athu konduuu aha reshma ye adhyam evict cheyoooo, Lalettante munnil avalude oru ahankharamaya diologue athu kurachu kooduthal ahirinnuuu..!
Adhyam purthaaakkuuuu
Wesupport to Mr. Rajith

G Vijaya Kumar
G Vijaya Kumar
3 years ago

If Dr Rajith Kumar is evicted from the Bigg Boss House permanently then no one is going to watch the show further! Most of the contestants are hopeless or worthless and not at all deserved for a place in the House. Hope, the viewers all over the world support Dr Rajith Kumar as he played reasonably well in the game and he should be allowed to continue in the game through a wild card entry.

3 years ago

It is a game, But feel this is something wrong track..
I am not understanding what is the reason to avoid the Mr. Rajith Kumar from the game. Because lot’s of cheap and fraud things are happening earlier. Conclusion is Manaorama losing lots of people stopped watching this crazy show..including my self.I believe you guys realized impact from media.Lalletta,, please don’t anchor again this show,A kind requst for you, Because we love you.

3 years ago

All viewers pls do not vote to Arya and Elina, both are fake and telling liying, not have culture
This is my request
Vote for justice and truth


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